Still Indulging.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi everybody! I found a new way into my blog, nice and much quicker.
Life is nice, the days get longer: daylight and action and some days we smell the promise of spring in the air. I am drinking detoxing tea, that should promise a good day tomorrow. No, nothing new happening, thanks to the spirit of the worlds, work, home, learning and the days fly by. Yes, I got my exercise bicycle up into the living room and did start and am going to keep on, training. Not today, though, no time. But I had a leisurely stroll around our mall, tried on a wonderful dress and had the nerve to go out without buying. I am going to travel late this spring, so I try to keep my money together. And next week there are eastern holidays which I look forward to! Then finally I will have time to fall into my books and read and study... Good night everybody! Oh, yes, yesterday I saw the movie the bucket list. Wonderfully played but a little empty at times. But I promise you: I will not start to live when I know I will die after some months... I started to live yesterday! And forgot my umbrella.

3 indulge with me:

  • At 1:59 AM, Blogger Doug said…

    There's no life with an umbrella. Well done!

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