Still Indulging.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Time is passing - as it should. I am getting f. f. (fat and flabby) and I do not like myself, but probably this is an universal problem (not liking oneself extremely much). I have started eating whole rice and beans and will not buy any more bread. I also started again my rope yoga, on the floor in my flat, I did take my ropes with me from home.
Today it has been snowing all day long, fat, nice round flakes and I have heard that the traffic around me is more or less down. I have not looked at it myself. Today the muse kissed me and I got a good spell on rewriting my assignment. Thus, work does go as it is expected to go and after a difficult first week I have settled well in again. I did knit me a nice cap (picture will follow very soon) and have read lots of books, both private and for study. I did buy this little gadget for my computer and it works beautifully, I spent one morning, when I woke up at half past 5 and ran my filmes through. Of course I do not find the most important one, or I took over it.
But I did pass all three of my autumn assignments and got A for two and B for one. I hate Bees!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am still alive but the doctor discribed me bedrest, so you will hear from me later

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi everybody! I found a new way into my blog, nice and much quicker.
Life is nice, the days get longer: daylight and action and some days we smell the promise of spring in the air. I am drinking detoxing tea, that should promise a good day tomorrow. No, nothing new happening, thanks to the spirit of the worlds, work, home, learning and the days fly by. Yes, I got my exercise bicycle up into the living room and did start and am going to keep on, training. Not today, though, no time. But I had a leisurely stroll around our mall, tried on a wonderful dress and had the nerve to go out without buying. I am going to travel late this spring, so I try to keep my money together. And next week there are eastern holidays which I look forward to! Then finally I will have time to fall into my books and read and study... Good night everybody! Oh, yes, yesterday I saw the movie the bucket list. Wonderfully played but a little empty at times. But I promise you: I will not start to live when I know I will die after some months... I started to live yesterday! And forgot my umbrella.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

At last: I feel like I outran my shadow once again. The house is reasonably clean, my learning is at a reasonable speed, my future decisions are in the (for now) right direction and I had a reasonable amount of sleep. Marinó was at home this weekend, he had a bad fall last week and his ankle is blue and swollen, not broken and he can step on it but had us (and him) laughing while he went around jumping on one foot.

Only the streets need cleaning, it is again, still? snowing and before I go to bed for the night I will have to find and “unsnow” my car for early tomorrow.

My grandchild number two has birthday today and is proudly 12 years old. Congratulations! Yes, time goes on. That probably is was time is for. We wouldn´t like it to stop, would we?

I still go to rope yoga twice a week and love it. And, now for the hopefully coming sumer, I will try to reduce my weight once again for some kilos, try to stay in some shape. And further, I booked my flight for one week in Germany in may, an amazingly early decision for me and by that I got cheap flights too and I am working at getting my papers together for a master course at the university of Birmingham, teaching childen with autism, to be taken by cyberspace. So, dear friends, I am well and very alive and hope it will stay such in the near and further future.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two days gone into my 60th year and – really, I don´t feel any different from the days before, yet: I am wiser, full of good intentions and full of energy to let them get true..
We made me a great party, the house was bursting full, I liked the food I prepared and never got a taste of the cakes my daughter and my friend brought and sit now in a very clean house full of flowers and good whishes. I got “gifts to give” and a part in the construction of a home for poor chidren in Pakistan. I got a beautifull and great food processor from my children and much more. I feel blessed by life. (no wonder with all the kids crawling around!)
I got lots of beautiful pictures, here are my favorite ones for today:

The "old" couple

Marinó is happy helping his mom

Our tree of life - may it grow!!

And there is a beautiful picture of me on Monika´s blog.
Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life saves itself

This has been one of THESE days... first, at work I did search for half an hour for the camera which I knew I had put some where. I found it in the end – yes, somewhere. When I was half an hour late to get out of work I didn´t find my car keys and haven´t found them yet. My hausband had to fetch me on his car and will drive me to work tomorrow and by hope and my angels these keys will popp up somewhere else. A new pair of keys will kost me a big lot and to make them function the car has to be at the garage.. how will I get there without a key to drive the car?? So, there is a small problem. But do not worry, we will solve it as we have solved life up to now. But, and here is the big question, what is the underlying message from above? Do stop driving the car and walk? Shit, it shall be minus 20 degree C tomorrow. Stop working at this place where keys get lost? Get yourself another car? I still hope that one of the kids went home with my keys today ... I will search all the pockets tomorrow. And, plus, now my net connection is dead. Go to bed and sleep, it is winter outside? No, the massage can´t be: take better care of your keys as they are lost already.

One day later: the connection is back and my keys too. This morning they were announced in the house next door, a kindergarden. So I went there, got them and drove proudly home again. The massage also became clear: had I had the car keys yesterday I would have used the car and would have had a terrible accident. So my angels took the keys away to save me.... Have a nice day. Sabine

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yes, we have a lot of snow. And I am tackling my new camera and reorganizing my pictures, so you will see more in the near future.