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Monday, February 02, 2009

Time is passing - as it should. I am getting f. f. (fat and flabby) and I do not like myself, but probably this is an universal problem (not liking oneself extremely much). I have started eating whole rice and beans and will not buy any more bread. I also started again my rope yoga, on the floor in my flat, I did take my ropes with me from home.
Today it has been snowing all day long, fat, nice round flakes and I have heard that the traffic around me is more or less down. I have not looked at it myself. Today the muse kissed me and I got a good spell on rewriting my assignment. Thus, work does go as it is expected to go and after a difficult first week I have settled well in again. I did knit me a nice cap (picture will follow very soon) and have read lots of books, both private and for study. I did buy this little gadget for my computer and it works beautifully, I spent one morning, when I woke up at half past 5 and ran my filmes through. Of course I do not find the most important one, or I took over it.
But I did pass all three of my autumn assignments and got A for two and B for one. I hate Bees!

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