Still Indulging.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

For those who get homesick for Iceland: Monika and me made the most beautiful evening trip yesterday- of course visiting the countryside near Hellu. The children laughed that we would drive two and a half hours to stop for one hour but is was fun and we got nice cake and looked at the batch of new puppies and a little calf. Of course Monika drove otto von dumbledore but now we didn´t listen to beethoven but to Jonny Cash. After going to the movie "walking the line" we are both fans. Driving east in the dusk we could see the lights of Rauðalæk, Hellu, Hvolsvellir shimmering in the clear air like diamonds at a chain. Far away there was even the brightness from Vestmannaeyjar. On the way back home we stopped the car and took off the lights and stared up at the amazing mass of stars above us. There was no cloud, no moon to disturb us. I feel so tiny looking at the vast universe around us.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yes aunti móa, I think you are right about the picture, I was wondering myself. No, that is not my home, it is at a friends and we "girls" went together to university around 1988-90 and meet regularly through the years. My home is not so well groomed as this specially beautiful house looks to be.
I see that Heike is chatting in Monikas Blog, best regards from me, dearest!
Here life is very comfortable, my husband is still abroad, children and grandchildren are running in and out of my home and the days are getting longer and brighter. And I am knitting handmade love to wear for my daughters. They need it I think.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

jæja stelpur, hér erum við

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am still here and everything is fine. I am at work now with nothing to do but sitting around. My little pupil was so exhausted this morning, he is fast asleep in a confortable corner and the bigger one did not arrive, so I have lots of time on my hand.
The last two weeks saw me driving from town to countryside, back and forth. My countryside daughter and her family took two and a half week off and so we ( that´s Minoka, me and my husband) took shifts to take care of two granchildren left there who are in Jakobinas care for the time being. It was much fun, nice to sit with the two boys in the evening, having home baked cake ready when they came from school and chat. I knitted a lot and will soon be ready to take some pictures.
In town me and Monika are alone in our big house and have a swell time, my husband being on golfholidays abroad. Our evening fun has been that Monika is playing a Playstation game and I sit and knit and yell her on. We two even went to the cinema: "walking the line".
The one hour drive ( I need some more time, being a grandma) is so beautiful, I can´t get enough of it. You drive up into the mountains through a big lavafield, covered with grey moss. The sun is shining on the mountaintops which are sprinkled with snow. clouds are massing in the sky, heavy, dovegrey with a sparkle of light in between. Mother of pearl colours. On the other side of the mountains: The panorama of the south plain, lined by the sea, bordered by glaciers, cut through by a big river. In Selfoss we usually shop some. And on through the plain: sheep grazing, horses looking into the distance, turning their backs against the wind. Some, few farms. And always the panorama around us, Langjökull to the left, the vulkano Hekla, more mountains and glaciers ahead. But we turn long before we reach them and drive down in direction to the sea, first the road is nice, the rest is a hard packed sand trail. Arriving at the two lonely houses the dogs greet us, hysterically happy, barking and jumping around.