Still Indulging.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I know, I have been away... We came brown, happy and relaxed fromPortugal and the first thing I did was lying down with a flu. Of course, this again is long ago. Time passes so quickly. How can one let time last longer? I find the solution: whrn you do something you hate, are deeply deprssed or are bored at life, time seams to crawl away slower than a snail. So, My advice: do things you hate, be depressed and your life will seem looong.
But sorry, I do not have time for jolly deeds like that, Days run along, in work, and sucessful by that and with family: a constant pleasure. Bt after three weeks there will be summerholidays and the days are planned ahead, so many things than I don´t have time for now: like painting and gardenwork and knitting...but I ramle. So, still well and alive. So this post doesn´t get too boring I have pictures from my mothser´s birthday I couln´t show before as my USB connection was down. So, here they are: the young birthday Lady: