Still Indulging.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life saves itself

This has been one of THESE days... first, at work I did search for half an hour for the camera which I knew I had put some where. I found it in the end – yes, somewhere. When I was half an hour late to get out of work I didn´t find my car keys and haven´t found them yet. My hausband had to fetch me on his car and will drive me to work tomorrow and by hope and my angels these keys will popp up somewhere else. A new pair of keys will kost me a big lot and to make them function the car has to be at the garage.. how will I get there without a key to drive the car?? So, there is a small problem. But do not worry, we will solve it as we have solved life up to now. But, and here is the big question, what is the underlying message from above? Do stop driving the car and walk? Shit, it shall be minus 20 degree C tomorrow. Stop working at this place where keys get lost? Get yourself another car? I still hope that one of the kids went home with my keys today ... I will search all the pockets tomorrow. And, plus, now my net connection is dead. Go to bed and sleep, it is winter outside? No, the massage can´t be: take better care of your keys as they are lost already.

One day later: the connection is back and my keys too. This morning they were announced in the house next door, a kindergarden. So I went there, got them and drove proudly home again. The massage also became clear: had I had the car keys yesterday I would have used the car and would have had a terrible accident. So my angels took the keys away to save me.... Have a nice day. Sabine

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yes, we have a lot of snow. And I am tackling my new camera and reorganizing my pictures, so you will see more in the near future.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

sweet words:

Lovely wind, please don´t blow my little nice red car (yes, that one) from the road! white snow, would you be so kind as to make way for my sweet little red car? glittering, beautiful ice, please don´t be so slippery: Angels, come and help me, I am stuck ???? Oh, nice driver, could you spend a moment to draw the little red car of an old lady onto the road again? Hallo grandchildren, Grandma has arrived!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just like to tell you that I am still well and alive and good by that. Of course there is always more than enough to do but I still check it only my house is dirty. I, myself, am rather clean and the clothes too. So thatá ok. As I know my mother is reading this blog I would like to ell her that I got a suprise for her (hihi, now she will not sleep the next nights!) Kerstin, Heike, Lisi. Mamma, Doug and who ever else reads me: my best regards around the world. Did I tell you that I passed all my examinations and satifying too?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hadn´t intended writing on the blog, it just popped up by itself. So, I take the invitation
The weather report: it has been snowing, you know this little white flakes, not so big, but when they come together over hoursThese tiny flakes make rather a big mass. It´s ok in town, only 40 cars banged together there but it hit the countryside worse and for the delight of the kids There was no way to go to school..the way had dissapeared under this white stuff. Me, on my little red car, drive my ways safely, of course.
Everything has started again, shool is in full swing and the university too plus rope Yoga tvice a week. The next week will see me redecorating my house. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I seem to be crazy for work and studying. Once again I was too early, now for the university. But on Thursday it will start for real ... and the reading lists have arrived...Why am I doing this without a gun pointed at me??? So next step is to get the books. But first I will rest a bit, I have not yet shaken off the holidays. Yes, and nice they were. Stayed with the kids and kidskids in the countryside over Christmas week and had a really nice, relaxing time. But cold it was and dark – wonderful, I didn´t have to excuse myself for staying in bed and read for hours. Oh yes, and a Happy New Year for everybody around. May the force be with you!

Some of my kids went abroad during the holidays and arrived home safely, no, not of course because we had a bad storm here and it wasn´t sure at all if people would make it home for new years eve as the flights were delayed or canceled. But – they did make it back to the icecube again.

As a main Christmas present I got a pink camera, for the one I lost in Rome.. what kind? No idea, but it is pink!! So look forwards for pictures!