Still Indulging.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


got a new haircut and some color, had an easy, nice day.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

And then I thank for the congratulations I got!
And Kerstin, best luck!

and one year older...

I only have a birthday once a year and look what a beautiful flower I got!

Once again and never too much (?) icelandic winter.

Monday, February 05, 2007

me: well and alive

I just read a late blog entry: yes I have been lazy. I can´t say that now as I have been quite busy, but not on the blog. Sorry girls, haven´t even had time to take pics. The weather has been cold and warm, my clematis flower got a feel of spring and had its bulbs bursting but now it is snow again. The sun is crawling up on the sky and, as always in february peeks into my windows, got the rays up over the neighbours house. So, now I see, how dirty my windows are.
Been busy: to the countryside, working, Marino at home, visiting, talking to kids and grandkids.. living the life? I have worked rather a lot on the computer, so my “mouse arm” is tired. And, not least, I spent some time in the gym three times a week and get slimmer by the day (and my ass is getting quite round and lecker again).
Work has been difficult, bad vibes there but the children do fine. I am really quite proud of my work. Hopefully soon I will put some reading exercises I have done in power point on the net, still working and learning how to.
So, for today that´s it. Think warm thoughts to me, am in need of that. Hopefully I will chat some more in the near future. And pics too, when I got my camera back.
And yes, Jakobína gt a 6th place in a horse competition, out of about 40, meistaraflokk, so we are very proud. Have a nice evening.