Still Indulging.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Again at work

Ok, first day at work again:
On monday morning I got up early, combed my hair, used make and lipstick, shortly, I made myself presentable. Did take care not to forget anything, including my lunch in my bag. I went early out of the house to be on time - and was on time. There was not one car in the parking place, the school was dark. Ok, still holidays. What else could I do but go home again?
But, today it was for real. And a nice, quiet day, not really needed, what did suit me very well for the time being. So, that's it.
Over the weekend I was in the countryside- 5 kids sick in their stomach, up and down. They didn´t even quarrel with one another. Happily I was only an onlooker and let my daughter clean up, the time I was not chatting away I spent reading for university. So, everything is under control.
After a bout of snow and frost it is warm again and raaaiiiining. Yesterday the father of the house climed up the stepls and cleaned the drains. Now again the water is flowing. So, have a nice evening.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Already the warm summer is a distant memory: Outside the winter has gotten to us, storm after storm is howling around our house, the leaves are since long in the gutter and the birds have eaten the last red berries in the trees. Yesterday Monika pointed one bird out to me: small and fat, nearly incabable to lift in flight.

I am reading Willams James with fascination, for school, of course, not for fun. For fun I bought at the airport of London some books and am reading the first of it: “Thirteen Moons” from Charles Frazier who also wrote “Cold Mountain”.

So, that´s what I am doing since Rome, reading and writing esseys and listening to lectures. And next week I will start working again, so the sweet life will be over. But I will start easy to start with and see where it will carry me. I am trying to loose some

weight again, of course I did fatten in Italy, who couldn´t, but I take that easy too. Who but me has any interest in my weight, anyhow. I just don´t want to miss all my nice newly bought clothes, so there is some pressure.

I got a new keyboard as my sweet grown up daughter emptied a cup of coffee over my old one nad killed it and now I am all the time picking the wrong oh, how do you call it? Annoying.

Oh yes and did I tell you: my camera disappeared in Rome? So, sorry, no new pictures.