Still Indulging.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two days gone into my 60th year and – really, I don´t feel any different from the days before, yet: I am wiser, full of good intentions and full of energy to let them get true..
We made me a great party, the house was bursting full, I liked the food I prepared and never got a taste of the cakes my daughter and my friend brought and sit now in a very clean house full of flowers and good whishes. I got “gifts to give” and a part in the construction of a home for poor chidren in Pakistan. I got a beautifull and great food processor from my children and much more. I feel blessed by life. (no wonder with all the kids crawling around!)
I got lots of beautiful pictures, here are my favorite ones for today:

The "old" couple

Marinó is happy helping his mom

Our tree of life - may it grow!!

And there is a beautiful picture of me on Monika´s blog.
Have a nice day.